Build a Strong VoIP Business with DeNovoLab Class 4 Switch

Our sector-leading Class 4 switch offers unrivalled automation of all functions from billing to routing and switching.

Most scalable Class 4 Fusion Switch platform

Class 4 Fusion is the only software platform that you will ever need for successful and powerful VoIP operation.

  • Routing
  • Switch
  • Billing
  • Monitoring
  • User Portal
  • Data Archival
  • Rate Generation
  • Payment Gateway

Improve Partner Satisfaction with the Easy to Use Self-Service Portal

The more satisfied your partners are, the more your business will grow.

  • DID Client Portal
  • Term Client Portal
  • Vendor Portal
  • Agent Portal
Effortless Automation of Your VoIP Operation

Class 4 Fusion will help to grow your business by saving time, reducing errors and increasing the quality of your VoIP operation.

  • Auto Rate Generation
  • Daily Usage Report Delivery
  • Auto Invoice Delivery
  • Auto Fault Blocking
  • Auto Loop Blocking
  • ANI Rotation

Daily Reporting Automation

Keep your clients and vendors up to date with automated usage and balance notifications.

  • Daily usage report
  • Daily balance update
  • Zero balance notification
  • Low balance alert
API Driven Platform

Class 4 Fusion offers simple and streamlined integration with third party software.

  • CDR
  • Report
  • Switch Control

Fully government compliant.

Using Class 4 Fusion takes the worry out of government compliance and leaves you free to put your energy into the business matters that are important to you.

  • CDR Backup on Google Cloud
  • Shaken and Stir Support
Why Class 4 Fusion

A Sector-Leading End-to-End Solution

Being at the cutting-edge of technology, the Class 4 is the only full-featured switch that can provide you with full control of your traffic.


Class 4 Fusion enables the automation of invoice generation for your traffic, management of real-time balances for your postpay and prepay clients and can easily facilitate full integration of payment with Stripe and PayPal.


Class 4 Fusion has highly flexible routing design that allows you to use LCR, QoS, percentage, round robin, and top down routing. You can even route based on LRN or DNIS as well as inter/intra/ij rates.


Besides high performance, Class 4 fusion also supports blocking, ANI/DNIS manipulation, and header manipulation, letting you gain full control of your call flow.


Class 4 Fusion supports all rating methods. We can rate calls by ANI or DNIS, as well as supporting US jurisdiction rating.

A Single, Seamless Solution

Class 4 Fusion is the only software you will ever need for fully automated VoIP management.