Boost up your ASR and Profitability with Smart Routing

Class 4 Fusion’s offers fully customisable and flexible smart routing that supports the growth and profitability of your business.

Power at Your Fingertips

With Class 4 Fusion, it is easy to increase earning and connection rate through the customisation of a few simple settings.

Capacity Routing

Allocate your limited egress CPS or call capacity by ingress. Assign more capacity to your profitable client traffic.

Constraint Routing

Limit ingress or egress traffic by CPS or Call limit at the Carrier, IP Address or Trunk level

Time-Based Routing

Restrict call limitation at different times of date or different day of week

We give you flexible blocking!

Define blocking at multiple levels including Trunk, ANI, DNIS, and combination of those.

ANI Blocking
DNIS Blocking
Time-Based Blocking
Block for specific Clients
Block for certain Vendors

Effective tools for busy VoIP operators!

Class 4 Fusion let’s you maximize your ASR with smart, simple and customized routing.

Percentage Routing

Allocating traffic by percentage to your vendors is effortless with Class 4 Fusion.

Least Cost Routing

Class 4 Fusion allows you to increase profitability by using LCR routing.

QoS Routing

With Class 4 Fusion’s QoS Routing, you can offer outstanding service to your clients.

Smart Routing Features!

Class 4 Fusion gives you full flexibility when routing your traffic.

Time-based Routing
LCR Routing
QoS Routing
Block bad ANI or DNIS
Top-Down routing
Percentage Routing
Round Robin Routing
Capacity Constraint Routing
Priority Routing