Ignite your DID Business with Class 4 Fusion

Getting started is quick and easy. You can start selling telephone numbers immediately with intelligent billing integration.

Toll Free DID

Class 4 Fusion support rating calls by ANI which is needed for toll free origination.

Long Code DID

Class 4 Fusion support rating calls by DNIS

MRC, NRC, Port Billing

We can automate your port-based billing, as well as MRC and NRC pricing.

What we do

Transform your Switch into a CPASS Platform

It is easy for your clients to use API to interact with your platform.

DID Inventory Lookup
DID Release
Obtain CDRs and Reports
What we do

Powerful and Simple Billing

Effective and timely billing is at the foundation of a good business. We support every kind of billing arrangement including:

Bill by concurrent call limit
Bill by ANI
Bill by DNIS
Bill by Fixed or Variable Rates

Discover Class 4 Fusion Now

Deploying the Class 4 Fusion is the most smart and savvy business decision you will ever make. Opt in to performance, protection and profit today. Revolutionise your VoIP business today.

Support all DID selling model


MRC and NRC billing


ANI or DNIS billing


Flat Rate or NPANXX billing