Increase Customer

Vendor and reseller satisfaction is vital to the success of your business. With our switch you are able to respond quickly and efficiently to their enquires and so build good relationships.

A new standard in customer service

Class 4 Fusion provides your partners with an easy to navigate self-service portal that helps to troubleshoot and manage traffic.

Rachel Roth
500+ Active Users

Efficient and convenient portals

Class 4 Fusion allows your clients, vendors, and resellers to work efficiently with intuitive and informative self-service portals.

Unique digital experiences

Your secret weapon towards VoIP success

Empower your partners to bring success to your business

Become the number one choice through high levels of customer service.

An easy to use and effective portal will attract more clients.

  • PayPal Integration
  • Stripe Integration
  • DID Purchase
  • CDR Download
  • PCAP Download
  • Reporting

Maximize Productivity with Vendor Portal

Let your vendors to access their CDR and reports.

  • Vendors can update their own IP addresses
  • Vendors can check current rates in system
  • Vendors can check usage of traffic sent to them

Empower resellers to drive more traffic with traffic visibility

Your reseller will send you more traffic because they like this platform and its ease of use.

  • Live Traffic Dashboard
  • Real-time Commission Report
  • Customized Portal and Sign-up Links

Our portals are designed for VoIP operators by VoIP operators.

The easier you are to work with, the more partners you will attract and the more your reputation will grow.
Our comprehensive and powerful portals put the growth of your business in your hands. Better services, better business, better growth.

Streamline and easy to use UI, professional reporting and auto-payment features

The UI is intuitive and effortless to work with, and is guaranteed to bring you more clients, vendors, and resellers.