Putting You in Control

The Class 4 Fusion is fully customisable and can be configured to automatically act upon the exceptions that are important to you.

Loop Detection

Automatically breaking the traffic loop upon detected, preserves your capacity to deliver QoS to your customers.

Traffic Monitoring

Automatically block/unblock and send email notification when ASR/ACD becomes low.

Fraud Detection

Automatically respond to stop the traffic when suspicious conditions are detected.

What we do

Make Technology Work for You

Class 4 Fusion ensure your traffic is under constant monitoring by a tireless and high-performing system that will never let you down.

Perfect for VoIP Operations without a large NOC team
Fully customize to your business rules
Monitoring at Carrier to Trunk, down to ANI/DNIS granularity

Automation is your key to success.

Class 4 Fusion gives you the power to terminate more traffic without having to add NOC resources.

Multi-Functional Teleco-In-a-Box

Class 4 Fusion provides complete integrated solution including routing, switching, billing, monitoring, and data backup all from one simple platform.