Wholesales Termination Provider


Least Cost Routing

As a wholesale termination provider, you need to be able to maximize your margin by routing calls to the least cost provider.

DNL’s Class 4 Switch has built-in memory-based routing database that let you route to as many providers as you need. Our algorithmic approach to the routing logic gives constant response time in regardless of how many vendors you have in routing. The more vendors you can select from, the high profit margin you can get.

Quality-Based Routing

Wholesales routing also depends on Average Seizure Rate and Average Call Duration.

In many cases, the lowest calls route may not be the best for your vendors and therefore, we let you to define routing based on ASR and ACD.



Real-Time Reporting

In the world of wholesales VoIP, we all know how critical it is to have immediate real-time visibility to your live traffic and be able to react to any change or vendor outage before your client is affected.

DNL’s high performance reporting engine is capable of giving you live up-to-the-minute reporting even when you are running at tens of thousands of CPS.

Real-Time CDR

When there is a trouble ticket, you are expected to find out who the downstream carrier is and resolve it. DNL gives you the ability to grab CDR within the very minute that the call was ended.



Real-Time PCAP Availability

DNL knows how important it is to have PCAP available when resolving a dispute which can cost thousands of dollars.

DNL keeps all your PCAP in a report repository and give you access to it in real-time. We also provide a web-baed wireshark tool for you to share your PCAP with partners.

CPS and Call Limit Control

DNL give you 360 degree of flexibility in controlling CPS and Call Limit at ingress or egress level, at carrier, trunk, or IP level.

With DNL’s dynamic call limit logic, you can control how many call or CPS a particular client can send to each and every vendors. You can easily give your best capacity to your best performing client and therefore, maximizing your profitability.



Bad DNIS Detection and Blocking

You can define the rule and we automatically block the ANI that does not terminate or gives mostly 4xx/5xx. You can define to block those DNIS for all traffic or specific ingress or egress trunk.