Denovolab is Build for Carrier Like You. With Power Features and Intuitive Interace , It Helps You Focus On What You Do Best.

V5 V6
Admin login admin/123456 admin/123456
Client login client/123456 client/123456
Agent login agent/123456 agent/123456

Start your free 500 ports today

If you need more than 500 ports, you can register to purchase license.


  • + Does the switch work right after installation?
  • +What if I need more than 500 ports?
  • +Is LRN included?
  • +What if I just want to try it?
  • +Do I get support when using FREE tier?
  • +Do I get LRN service?
  • +What is the LRN IP?
  • +Is there an installation guide?
  • +Can I get installation suuport?
  • +Can I upgrade to PAID service without changing my IP?
  • +Do I get refund?