Class 4 Fusion

Work Smarter and Faster with Automation

Meet Class 4 Fusion to get 360 degree view of your network

Our feature-rich and ever-evolving all-in-one switching platform gives you flexible control of your network from a comprehensive dashboard that works on desktop and mobile.

  • Flexible Routing
  • High Performance Switching
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • US Jurisdictional and LRN Routing

Bare Metal Switches

Dedicated bare metal switches for your network.

  • Deployable On-Demand
  • Enterprise Hardware
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

On-Premise Switches

Custom tailored solutions for your own on-premise switches

  • Custom Fail Over Plans
  • Schedule CDR Backups
  • Media Recording

Class 4 Fusion is the all-in-one platform for VoIP termination and building successful telecom venture.

Hundreds of VoIP carriers choose Class 4 Fusion to optimize their routing, switch minutes, check out reports and send out invoices. Via an extremely user-friendly web interface, Class 4 Fusion helps your team get more jobs done with less times.


Route the way you want. Your routing strategy is at the heart of everything you do and differentiate you from your competitors. Don’t shoehorn your competitive routing advantage into the default routing used by everybody else. Class 4 Fusion has everything you need to strategize your routing to outsmart your competitors that you can easily adapt as your routes and vendors evolve. Use the tool that fits your strategy, don’t change your strategy to fit your tool.


Configurable, powerful switching. Carriers that need to be effective and efficient choose Class 4 Fusion to help them capture all traffic potential without failure even at peak business hour. Ensure that your NOC have easily control CPS, port, and credit limit at the carrier as well as individual trunk and host level. And when you add the power of real-time SIP capture with links that you can simply send out to clients or vendors. With Class 4 Fusion, you get to manipulate all aspects of SIP messages via easy-to-use Web UI.

Media Option of Your Choice

Media handling. Class 4 Fusion is integrated with Media Proxy, Media Bypass, and Transcoding. You have complete flexibility of routing media differently based on your client and vendor. Our media transcoding is software-driven based on Intel Hardware Optimization, that means, we route your media at higher capacity and with much lower cost.


Visibility at the speed of light. With Class 4 Fusion, there’s no shortage of ways to keep on top of your business performance. Whether you prefer to receive reports via email or by checking in on your portal, Class 4 Fusion has you covered. Watch the parameters that are most important to you, monitor traffic statistics, and share information with powerful dashboards, real-time rolling charts, and more. With Class 4 Fusion, you’ll always know what’s going on.


Built-in finance and accounting. Automate your billing workflow with Class 4 Fusion. Our out-of-box auto-invoicing and balance tracking integrates better than ever to provide you with baked-in best practices to get from bill to pay to deployment seamlessly. No longer will you worry about sending invoices, generating Statement of Account, and running updating credits. Free your focus from the back office tasks and get back to your sales and marketing.


Free you from back-office tasks. Class 4 Fusion come with automatic rate generation, on-line route testing, and self-service customer portal to provide you with an automatic workflow for your customer services. Direct integrations between Rate Generation and Vendor Rates get you from rate generation to rate import to rate delivery in seconds, allowing you to spend time on what matters – your traffic. Harness the power and speed of back-office automation and leave those tedious non-selling tasks behind. Class 4 Fusion has all the necessary horsepower and is perfectly designed for carriers of all sizes.


Build notification and alert management. Let your NOC or vendors to connect directly with issues on live traffic. Class 4 Fusion lets you see the latest QoS statistics on your dashboard and look deep inside the issues themselves. Set up QoS issues management with Class 4 Fusion to streamline your routing process so that everyone on the team can proactively resolve QoS problems before the clients notice them.

Unlimited Throughput

Never miss any business opportunity. Class 4 Fusion is built from ground up to handle thousands of CPS. Capable of working in parallel with multiple switch instances, we free you from having to worry about capacity. As long as you have the traffic and you have the routes, Class 4 Fusion can terminate them no matter how high the capacity is.

Live Call Migration

Keeping calls connected. When developing Class 4 Fusion, we understand how important it is to keep calls and media up even in the even of server failover or secondary take-over. Our cutting-edge live call migration design keeps calls connected at all times. In the event of hardware disaster, the end-to-end calling parties won’t even notice it.


No single point of failure.Our platform is designed such that there is no single point of failure. High-availability and redundancy are supported from end-to-end.

Big Data

Real-time analytics.Class 4 Fusion comes with real-time multi-dimensional analytic engine to let you have 360 degree of visibility to your live traffic and historical report. With Big Data built-in as part of Class 4 Fusion, you get unlimited power to harvest business opportunities over live reporting.

Customer Portal

Deliver superb customer service.Let your clients to have instant accessibility to their CDR, reports, balance and rate decks. Better customer services and less time spent from your side, Class 4 Fusion lets you catch two birds with one stone.


Faster and more accurate accounting.Class 4 Fusion gives you flexibility of generating invoices based on different payment terms. We automatically deliver your invoices to your clients and reconcile payment against invoices. Within a mouse click, you get to see unpaid invoices and transaction summary for each client.

CDR Backup

Live CDR stream.Class 4 Fusion can stream CDR to your FTP, your Google Storage or Amazon Glacier!

Real-Time Reports

Live reporting for QoS and profit – Comes with integrated real-time reporting engine, Class 4 Fusion gives you instant updates to your traffic’s profitability and QoS statistics.

Paypal & Swift

Get paid fast. Direct integrating with Paypal and Swift let’s your customers to pay you via payal or credit card with instant credit balance updated to their account. Let your customer to top up their accounts 24 by 7 while you can free up time to focus on terminating more traffic.

Rate Generation

Build new deck.Select vendor decks that you want your new decks to be based upon and assign margin requirement for each pricing range. Class 4 Fusion gives you integrated rate generation and delivery in one simple workflow.


On-demand automatic route testing. Select the routes you would like to test and let Class 4 Fusion to generate test reports, with SIP flow, and media playback. Click a button and let you send test result to client or vendor.

Trouble Ticket

Automatic trouble ticket generation.Based on your defined ASR and ACD threshold criteria, Class 4 Fusion automatically generate trouble tickets and have it sent to your NOC or even vendors directly.

Self-Service Signup

Run more interop with less time. Class 4 Fusion provides you with self-service signup portal to let your clients and vendors to signup, fill out basic information, and IP all by themselves.

Auto Trunk Block

Keep bad routes away. On a 24 by 7 non-stop fashion, Class 4 Fusion helps you to detect bad vendors routes and automatically block it from live traffic. You and vendors will receive notification and trunk can be re-activated after a pre-defined amount of time.

Bad ANI Detection

Block ANI with low ASR.Class 4 Fusion can automatic detect ANI that has low ASR for a specific period of time and place that ANI to block list. That way, you don’t waste valuable ports on bad traffic.

Bad DNIS Detection

Block DNIS that fails.Any DNIS that has 404 returned can be automatically placed in block list so you don’t waste capacity on numbers that are known to fail.

FAS Detection

Protect your traffic.

Dialer Detection

Avoid dialer traffic if you don’t want it.Class 4 Fusion can detect dialer traffic based on repeated ANI. We identify the specific CC traffic stream from the entire traffic portfolio and block traffic from specific ANIs that repeated for more than specific number of times.

Profit Protection

Define margin per clients.On a per-client basis, you can define percentage margin you want to make more or less.

Fraud Protection

Detect sudden spike in traffic.Class 4 Fusion warns you and even block the entire carrier if there is a sudden spike in the traffic. You get peace of mind while running traffic 24 by 7.

Flexible API

Program your own extension. Class 4 Fusion provides RESTful API so you can develop your own application to interface with it.

New Features

Our development is non-stop. We don’t charge clients for new feature enhancement as long as the requirement fits within the scope of Class 4 Fusion and can benefit our entire client base.

CDR Stream

Limitless analytic.We stream CDR to your message queuing system so that you can build your analytic based off on that.

FREE Upgrades

Upgrade without sweat. We give you live-time upgrades at no charge, so you won’t miss out on any of our latest development.

Audit Trail
  • Maintain historical record on routing plan changes
  • Maintain historical record on rate changes
Account Creation
  • Ability to create and provision a carrier account
  • Ability to manage payment, invoice, credit note, and debit note
Carrier Management
  • Ability to manage carrier information for both origination an termination.
  • Support for different rate setting for each ingress or egress trunk.
  • Ability to configure unlimited ingress/egress trunks, routing, and tech-prefixes.
  • Support for different time zones per carrier.
Role Permission
Feature-based Permission
  • Ability to define the features that a specific role can access.
  • Ability to definite “read”, “write”, and “execute” permission on a feature by feature basis.
Carrier-based Permission
  • Ability to define the accessibility to one or more carriers on a per user basis.
Role Assignment
  • Ability to assign a role to an user.
SIP Response Code Manipulation
  • Ability to manipulate SIP response code differently for each ingress trunk.
CPS Limit Control
  • Ability to define CPS limit at the carrier and trunk level.
Minimum Profitability Control
  • Ability to define minimum profitability for each carrier.
  • Minimum profitability can be defined based on percentage or dollar amount.
Real-time Credit Limit Enforcement
  • Ability to define the minimum credit limit required for the carrier to continue sending traffic.
Time-based CPS and Call Limit Control
  • Ability to define time-based CPS and Call Limit for each individual host ( IP address ).
PDD Timeout Limit
  • Ability to define maximum PDD for each ingress trunk.
Call Timeout Limit
  • Ability to define maximum call duration for each ingress trunk.
Minimum Call Duration Control
  • Ability to define minimum call duration for each call.
T38 Blocking
  • Ability to block T38 calls.
Digit Manipulation
  • Ability to apply different digit maps for different time profile
  • Ability to modify ANI and DNIS before route selection
  • Ability to modify ANI and DNIS before sending to egress trunks
  • Ability to modify DNIS before sending to LRN server
Non-Confirming ANI Blocking
  • Ability to define non-confirming ANI pattern to be blocked.
Non-Confirming DNIS Blocking
  • Ability to define non-confirming DNIS pattern to be blocked.
Fail safe routing
  • Ability to configure a static routing to be used as fail-safe routing when all routes in dynamic routing fails.
Call Detail Report
CDR Generation
  • Automatic and real-time creation of rated CDRs
CDR Re-rating
  • Ability to re-rate CDRs
CDR Sharing
  • Ability to allow carrier partner to login and download their corresponding CDRs.
FTP Configuration
  • Ability to define FTP server IP, Username, and Password for FTP to be automatically uploaded to an externally server.
CDR Searching
  • Ability to search CDRs based on a rich set of parameters.
CDR Archiving
  • Ability to automatically archive CDRs when the Database is offline.
Multiple Product and Pricing for Ingress Trunk
  • Ability to define multiple selling rate deck and routing plan for the same ingress trunk.
  • Ability to support unlimited tech-prefix with each tech-prefix sending calls to different ingress rate table and routing plan.
Unlimited Routing Plan
  • Ability to define unlimited routing plan.
  • Ability to define unlimited routing rule with a routing plan.
Route By Static and Dynamic Routing
  • Ability to route call using one dynamic routing and then if the call fails, route the call using static routing.
Time-based Routing
  • Ability to define routing based on time-of-day, day-of-week, and weekends.
Failover Routing
  • Multiple egress trunks can be defined in the routing. If a call to one egress trunk fails, the switch will automatically send calls to the next route until the call is successfully completed.
Hunting criteria
  • Ability to define at each ingress trunk and egress trunk level, how the failover should be execute based on SIP response codes.
  • Three kind of actions can be defined base don SIP response codes
    • Stop Fail-over
    • Route to Next Host
    • Route to Next Trunk
Routing Plan Sharing
  • Ability to define an alpha-numeric name or label to a particular routing plan and ability to assign one multiple plan to multiple ingress trunk.
  • Ability to block code based on ANI or DNIS
  • Ability to block code based on Ingress trunk or Egress trunk
  • Ability to block code based on ingress or egress carrier
Bulk loading of Routing Rule
  • Ability to upload bulk routing using CSV file.
Dynamic Routing
QoS Routing
  • Routing based on LCR, ASR, and ACD
  • Ability to define the min. call required for QoS determination.
  • Ability to define the sample period for ASR and ACD
LCR Routing
  • Routing based on Least Cost
  • Support unlimited number of termination carriers
  • Support unlimited number of codes
ASR, ACD, and Price Limit Enforcement
Priority Routing
  • Ability to assign a numeric priority to each egress trunk and route based on that.
Static Routing
Round Robin Routing
  • Routing based on LCR, ASR, and ACD
  • Ability to define the min. call required for QoS determination
  • Ability to define the sample period for ASR and ACD
Top Down Routing
  • Routing based on Least Cost
  • Support unlimited number of termination carriers
  • Support unlimited number of codes
Codec Match Routing
  • Ability to terminate calls to egress trunks that match the Codec restriction of each call
Code Name Based Routing
  • Ability to group a number of codes into a code name and define routing at the destination level. For example, Code Name “Canada” could be defined as a group of 1604,1416,1513, etc.
Percentage Routing
  • Ability to define percentage distribution for each of the egress trunk in the routing.
US Routing Rule
Jurisdictional Routing
  • Ability to define routing for interstate and intrastate
LNP Report
  • Show a summary of which ingress/egress carrier/trunk is triggering the LNP dip request
  • Show whether DIPs are coming from local DB or remote server
LNP DIP Record
  • Show all the LNP dipping record
Alert Definition
  • Ability to define alerts based on
  • Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR)
  • Average Call Duration (ACD)
  • Post Dial Delay (PDD)
  • Profitability
Email Trouble Ticket
  • Ability to automatically send out trouble tickets upon detection of certain alert condition.
Configurable Trigger
  • Support trigger points at different levels
  • Ingress Trunk
  • Egress Trunk
  • Source DNIS
  • Destination DNIS
  • Host
Support Multiple Alert Handling Method
  • Email Alert
  • Disable Host/Trunk
  • Reassign Priority
QoS Monitoring
  • Ability to define alerts based on
  • Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR)
  • Average Call Duration (ACD)
  • Post Dial Delay (PDD)
  • Profitability
Dynamic trunk removal
  • The system can be set to auto shut off a trunk that falls below threshold.
Dynamic trunk return to route
  • The system can be set to dynamically put the trunk back in route after certain period of time.
Dialer Traffic Monitoring
  • The system can monitor for dialer traffic pattern and automatically block calls with the associated ANI.
Active Call Report
  • Ability to view all the live calls that are in progress.
Call Detail Report
  • Ability to view all finished calls.
LCR Report
  • Generate a LCR table based on the selected rate tables
  • Create a new rate table based on certain LCR position * specified % on a list of selected rate tables
Spam Report
  • Show the statistics on rejected calls and give reasons such as unauthorized IP, inactive accounts, etc.
Location Report
  • Show statistics on terminating counties and their corresponding percentage.
Orig-Term Report
  • Show a report on profitability, call count for success, failed, non-zero calls, and QoS ( ASR, ACD, and PDD ). Filtering and multi-dimensional grouping are available.
Summary Report
  • Show report on the origination and termination sides of the switch with data on rate, ASR, ACD, PDD, call counts, etc
  • Grouping by hourly, daily, and monthly buckets are available
Usage Report
  • Show the break down of usage by percentage
  • Show percentage on minutes usage and call count by ingress trunk, egress trunk, country, code name, etc.
Call Detail Report
  • Show details of rated CDRs
  • Ability to filter based on different criteria
  • Ability to select the fields to display
  • Ability to download the search result in CSV
Active Call Report
  • Show calls that are in progress
  • Ability to kill in-progress calls
QoS Report
  • Show live QoS statistics ? ASR, ACD, PDD, Call Count, CPS
  • Show historical QoS statistics in chart
  • Show QoS statistics by ingress/egress carrier and trunk
  • Show QoS statistics for each routing plan
Disconnect Cause Report
  • Show counts and percentage of different SIP cause for both origination and termination sides.
Trunk Monitor Report
  • Show the active call count for each trunk and its corresponding hosts
Active Call Report
  • Show calls that are in progress
  • Ability to kill in-progress calls
QoS Report
  • Show live QoS statistics ? ASR, ACD, PDD, Call Count, CPS
  • Show historical QoS statistics in chart
  • Show QoS statistics by ingress/egress carrier and trunk
  • Show QoS statistics for each routing plan
Disconnect Cause Report
  • Show counts and percentage of different SIP cause for both origination and termination sides.
Trunk Monitor Report
  • Show the active call count for each trunk and its corresponding hosts
Bandwidth Report
  • Show the incoming and outing bandwidth report in bytes
  • Ability to group bandwidth utilization by carrier or trunk
Profitability Report
  • Show the profitability by carrier, trunk, code name, dial code, etc
  • Give inside to which ingress/egress carrier or destination is the most profitable
Daily Usage Detail Report
  • Present the usage trend on a daily basis for each client and destination
  • Let’s user to find out where traffic is losing or gaining
  • Ability to show data for both origination and termination side
Balance Control
Low Balance Alert
  • Automatic sending out email alert when the carrier?s balance is below the low balance limit requirement.
  • Ability to define number of resend if credit continues to fall below the credit limit.
Prepaid Billing
  • The system will only let the calls to pass thru if there is remaining credit.
Postpaid Billing
  • The system will allowed maximum credit limit for postpaid clients.
Flexible Billing Cycle
  • Ability to define different billing cycle for each carrier's auto-invoicing setting.
Auto Invoicing
  • Automatic creation of customer invoice in Adobe Acrobat format based on billing cycle
  • Automatic creation of customer invoice in MS-Excel format based on billing cycle
  • Automatic and real-time creation of rated CDRs
  • Click-and-send email to pre-designated email address with Customer invoice and rated CDRs, as attachments
Manual Invoicing
  • Ability to create invoice manually.
Past Due Report
  • This report will show you which invoice is past due and which invoice is still current.
Maintaining records of invoices already issued & received
  • Ability to see all incoming and outgoing invoices.
Credit/Debit Note
  • Support for providing adjustments incase of faulty invoicing, e.g. credit notes, debit notes
Invoice Granularity
  • Support for various types of invoice formats, e.g. summary level, detailed
Time-zone Support
  • Support for multiple time zones
Flexible Call Duration
  • Varying time durations, e.g per 1 second, 6 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds etc
Time-of-day rating
  • Different rates based on the time-of-day, day-of-week, weekends
Past Due Report
  • Ability to identify invoices that are not paid or partially paid.
Accurate Rating
  • Billing and reporting based on fractional call duration, or on rounded-up call duration
Multi Currency support
  • Ability to convert currency in invoices according to client?s currency setting.
Rate Export
  • Availability to export rate to CSV
  • Availability to define fields to be exported
Mass Update
  • Ability to massively update mutiple fields for mutliple rate records at once.
Manual Update
  • Ability to update rate and corresponding fields via UI.
  • Ability to search rate records based on Country, Code Name or Code
Import Log
  • Storage of all rate and dial code sheets
  • Ability to re-rate CDRs retrospectively with any rate and dial code sheet
Auto Rate Submission
  • Ability to define an email for receiving rates.
  • Ability to define rate format for each carrier.
  • Ability to automatically import rate upon rate receipt.
  • Ability to record all rate receipt.
Auto-end date
  • Ability to automatically set end-date to all existing rates.
  • Ability to automatically set end-date to all overlapping rates.
Auto Delivery
Rate Delivery
  • Ability to click-and-send (via email) rates to one or multiple carriers.
  • Logging of all rate delivery.
LNP Billing
LNP Dipping
  • Ability to define 2 DIP servers
  • Ability to define timeout and retry count for DIP requests
LNP Billing
  • The system uses the LNP result to determine jurisdiction of each call.
  • Ability to support the LNP information provided within the SIP invite .
Pass LNP DIP to egress
  • Ability to configure whether to pass LNP number to any egress trunk(s) via the rn= or npdi= header.
LNP Block
  • Ability to configure whether to pass calls if the number is ported.
LNP Block higher codes
  • Ability to configure whether to block calls if the number is ported and the ported number rate is higher than the DNIS.
US Rating Rule
Jurisdictional Rating
  • Ability to define rates for interstate and intrastate
  • Ability to define rate for local
  • Ability to update US LERG via UI
  • Ability to import US LERG
LRN Billing
  • Ability to define rate table to be billed based on LRN
  • Ability to define rate table to block all calls that are ported
  • Ability to define rate table to block all calls that are ported and the ported number is more expensive
Call Detail Report
  • Ability to Search Call Detail Report
  • Ability to Download Call Detail Report
  • Ability to view invoices received
SIP Capture
  • Ability to capture SIP message for calls that meet certain criteria
Call Monitor
  • Ability to intercept RTP stream and record as pcap file for download and search
  • Ability to intercept SIP stream and record every call?s SIP call flow and stored as pcap file
Call Simulation
  • The System allows the user to simulate an route from any ingress trunk. The result gives the exact routing decision for the particular call being simulated.
Vendor Test
  • Send test calls to an egress trunk
  • Ability to View SIP capture for test call
  • Ability to download audio result in Wave file
Rate Finder
  • Ability to find trunk that can meet a specific rate limit of a dial code