Hosted Switching

Custom tailor your own on-premise switching solution that combines the benefits of public cloud functionality with single tenant hardware. Host it in our Data Center, or your own, and manage it all with our professional team of telecommunication technicians. Questions? We’re here 24/7 to help.


  • Custom-tailored solution to meet your specific workload requirements
  • Support both N+1 or 1+1 redundancy
  • 100% Uptime SLA on all Denovolab products
  • Managed all hardware and software from our centralized Zabbix servers
  • Default templates and VM sizes provided, customizable from Motion
  • Standard configurations up and running within 2 hours
  • From 10 to 10,000 CPS of traffic, Denovolab has the experience to scale you to success
  • From conversational to high density call center traffic, our solution has the flexibility you need
  • Built on Linux open system, meaning no expensive licensing fees to pass on
  • Backed by over 10 years of experience building with
  • Telecommunication and High Performance Computing deployment.
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Meet Class 4 Fusion to get 360 degree view of your network

Our feature-rich and ever-evolving all-in-one switching platform gives you flexible control of your network from a comprehensive dashboard that works on desktop and mobile.

  • Flexible Routing
  • High Performance Switching
  • Reports and Analytic
  • Reports and Analytics
  • US Jurisdictional and LRN Routing

Standard Hardware Configurations

Your private switch solution’s hardware specifications can be custom tailored to your exact needs through a series of technical discussions with our technical engineers.

Thinking of switching to a private switching Environment?


Consistency risks, often called the “Noisy Neighbor” problem, are events that can occur when one tenant in the hosted environment saturates a portion of the network resulting in degraded performance for other customers. An on-premise switching solution gives guaranteed consistent performance 100% of the time.


Some customers have security or regulatory requirements that demand an environment that’s entirely segregated from other tenants. Additional control over one’s intellectual property and business intelligence is invaluable to many businesses.


More customization of hardware specifics and resources are available in a private environment. A private switching environment is a key for those desiring the flexibility necessary to meet strict performance requirements.


Private switching offers you more control over your environment without the consistency risks of being in a shared environment.


Carriers with existing hardware and infrastructure are likely to save money with a private switch.

Packed with features you’ll love


Define a fail-over plans to allow for immediate rollover of any software components to another servers in the case of network or hardware outage.


Keep your data safe. Create a one-time backup or schedule daily, weekly and monthly backups. We will automatically back up your CDR, compress it, and save it to your backup server or network storage pool. You can restore it with just a single click.


Enable lawful interception and recording of all media flow and keep a backup of all media files locally.


Utilize the Fusion API to take complete control over and automate the management of your switches. Our API comes with easy-to-understand documentation and examples to get you started.


Fusion’s web console and rescue tools may be useful if your operating system becomes inaccessible, if files are needing to be repaired or restored, or if your file system becomes damaged.

Ready to get started?

Private Switches can be deployed in as little as 24 hours. Contact our sales team and we’ll be happy to get you started. Write us at

Infrastructure security that gives you peace of mind


Intelligent Monitoring

Our intelligent monitoring platform automatically migrates your private cloud virtual machines to other hypervisors within moments of detecting a critical issue.


Single Tenant Hardware

Your private switch is deployed onto a custom-tailored set of server hardware that’s dedicated to just you. This guarantees the highest level of separation from other customers in the Data Center, and gives you the full power of bare metal combined with the benefits of virtualization.


Pro-Active Monitoring

Our comprehensive monitoring system ensures real-time active and proactive resolutions to potential issues, thus ensuring high availability and peak performance. Our system constantly attempts to ensure load is balanced as evenly as possible between hypervisors, ensuring peak performance at all times for your virtual machines.


Customizable QoS

Our private switch solutions support the ability for you to define and set parameters for quality of service and performance limits for each swtich within your private environment. This ensures your performance is predictable and protected across your entire private switching infrastructure.


Private Switching Network

All private switches are deployed with private IP addresses, allowing you to keep your important switches behind the front lines of the Internet, and opening a secure line of communication between switches within the private network.

  • How are my private switches billed?
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
  • What is the cost for additional switches after purchase?
  • Any discounts for quarterly, bi-annually, or annual purchase?
  • Can I add additional IP addresses?