The #1 flexible routing engine used by high volume carriers.


The best engine maximizes your profitability

The best routing engine automatically considers each route’s individual performance in addition to price and predefined priority.



Define different routing strategy such as Top-Down, Round Robin, LCR, ASR, ACR routing for different clients and destination.


Allocate limited capacity to traffic that has better statistics or margin.


Limit ingress or egress traffic by CPS or Call limit at the Carrier, IP Address or Trunk level


Determine when to failover to next route or stop routing based on characteristics of vendor’s SIP return cause.



Reduce Capacity Waste with Blocking

Define blocking at multiple levels including Trunk, ANI, DNIS, and combination of those.

Maximize Utilization with Time Based Limit

Restrict call limitation at different times of date or different day of week

Code Based Routing

Define routing strategy by country, destination, and code, tailor-made routing for each specific destination

Capacity Allocation

Allocate your limited egress CPS or call capacity by ingress. Assign more capacity to your profitable client traffic.


Maximize profit with perfect routing

Time-based Routing LCR Routing QoS Routing
Block bad ANI or DNIS Top-Down Routing Percentage Routing
Round Robin Routing Capacity Constraint Routing Priority Routing

Give your traffic a big boost

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