A good billing engine increases your client satisfaction and reduce workload

Automate your prepay and postpay billing with one integrated system.

Fully integrated with switching and routing and eliminate data error.


Prepay Client Workflow

Your clients can pay via Paypal and auto credit to their account balance. You can define test credit to your prepay clients.

Postpay Workflow

You can define invoice workflow to have auto-generated invoice sent to your clients. Your client can login to portal and pay online.

Automatic Alert

Define different routing strategy such as Top-Down, Round Robin, LCR, ASR, ACR routing for different clients and destination.

Auto Credit

Let your client to pay via online portal and add credit online

Daily Balance Report

Keep your clients well aware of their daily balance so they can know when they need to credit their accounts

Daily Usage Report

Let your client to pay via online portal and add credit online



Choose a payment terms and invoice format

Each of your client may have different payment terms and preference in invoice format. Define the invoice format to match your client’s needs.


Auto-Invoicing Routing Auto-CDR Delivery Low Balance Alert
Payment Gateway Integration Payment Confirmation Email Prepay and Postpay control
Profit Assurnce Short Call Penalty Calculation Tax Inclusion in Invoice

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