The only Switch that automatically archive all your CDR and PCAP offline


Built-in remote storage for your critical billing proof

Retrieving CDR and PCAP is easy to use, fast to obtain, and has everything you need for all your troubleshooting needs

Make troubleshooting route easy and fun

Our self-service portal makes it easy to request help, search knowledge bases and track progress on issues.

Get CDR or PCAP, smarter and faster

Automation, queues, SLAs, approval workflows, and more. Everything to make your IT teams more productive.

Public PCAP Visualization URL

You can pass this public URL to your partners and let them troubleshoot call traffic with you. We know how important it is when you need a PCAP for dispute handling.

CDR Retrieval API

You can regularly obtain CDR via restful API.



Introducing Responsive CDR and PCAP retrival for customer support

Extend great convenience to NOC and happier customers. 

Archive your own CDR

Setup an automatic FTP task to stream your CDR to your own FTP server

Take your customer service to a new level

Remove CDR and PCAP storage API Support
Retrieval of PCAP and CDR friendly Web-based Wireshark Portal

Give your traffic a big boost

Or host DeNovo on your server