Features Class4V3 Class4V5
Top Down Routing YES YES
Round Robin Routing YES YES
QoS Routing NO YES
Header Manipulation YES YES
CPS Limit Control YES YES
Call Limit Control YES YES
Call Limit by Ingress and Egress Combinatino NO YES
Company management YES YES
Bilateral & multiple routings for carrier YES YES
Carrier Creation by template NO YES
Ingress/client Creation by template NO YES
Egress/vendor trunk by template NO YES
Basic Configuration Wizard NO YES
Prepay/postpay Billing YES YES
Offsetting balance for bilateral NO YES
Credit limit and Port & CPS limit setup for carrier YES YES
Manual Rate Creation YES YES
Rate Import YES YES
US-Jurisdictional and US-Non Jurisdictional Rate deck YES YES
A-Z Rate Deck Creation by template YES YES
Flat Rates YES YES
Auto Insert of code name and country YES YES
Auto Error Detector for Rate Import NO YES
Auto Rate Upload NO YES
Sending Rate by template NO YES
Uploading Rate by template NO YES
Rate Generator NO YES
Auto Rate Change notification NO YES
Code Directory YES YES
US-Jurisdiction Directory YES YES
Carrier Self Service portal
Manual setup of Carrier self service portal YES YES
Auto signup NO YES
Public Route/product selection NO YES
Payment through Portal YES YES
Alerts and portal messages NO YES
Sip Traces of clients call NO YES
Automatic Alerts
Zero balance notification NO YES
Fraud Call notification NO YES
Dialer call notification NO YES
Bad Number Detection NO YES
Traffic Alert Rule NO YES
Trunk Change Notification NO YES
False login Alerts NO YES
Daily CDR and Summary Alerts NO YES
Call Simulation YES YES
CDR Reconciliation NO YES
Sip Trace NO YES
Re-rating NO YES
Sip Authentication NO YES
Gateway Registration NO YES
ASR based Routing YES YES
ACD based Routing NO YES
Least Cost Routing (LCR) YES YES
Time based Routing YES YES
Percenage Routing YES YES
Top Down & Round Robin Routing YES YES
ASR/ACD/LCR + Percentage/priority NO YES
ASR/ACD/LCR + Percentage+ Priority NO YES
Failover (Fail to Next trunk/host) YES YES
Code wise Routing YES YES
Combination of multiple routings NO YES
Private and public products NO YES
DID Routing NO YES
Modification Logs YES YES
Different Import Logs YES YES
Different Export Logs YES YES
Different Rule Blocking logs YES YES
Payment & Invoicing Logs YES YES
Email Logs YES YES
User sign in & Password Retrieval Log YES YES
User Registration log NO YES
Sip registration log NO YES
Scheduled operation's Log NO YES
Credit log NO YES
Client & Vendor Payment creation YES YES
Invoice generation for Client & Vendor YES YES
Mass Invoice Generation YES YES
Auto invoicing YES YES
Actual & Mutual Transaction Logs YES YES
Past Due Notification logs NO YES
DID Setup
DID's Client & Vendor Setup NO YES
Flat and ANI based Billing NO YES
Special billing for special codes NO YES
DID upload and Routing NO YES
Client & Vendor Setup
CPS and Port Limit trunk and carrier wise YES YES
trunk wise failover setup YES YES
setting up billing rules and digits for billing YES YES
ANI/DNIS Digit manipulation YES YES
Allowing/Passthrough/blocking Different Sip headers YES YES
T.38 enabling/ disabling YES YES
Codec Filter YES YES
Proxy / Bypass Media YES YES
Transcode media NO Extra Option
Multiple Route selection YES YES
send to/allowed to send IP configuration NO YES
Setting up minimum profitability limit NO YES
Multi-Host Routing Strategy (Round Robin/ Topdown) setup YES YES
Other features
Different Payment term setup YES YES
Different Time profile setup YES YES
Currency Converter NO YES
Configuring Default Ingress Return Codes NO YES
FTP Configuration YES YES
Different mail template configurations YES YES
Invoicing configuration YES YES
Payment Setup YES YES
Login page configuration NO Extra Option
Role creation with different permisions YES YES
User creation with different departmental roles YES YES
IP binding for different users for security YES YES

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